UNBoxed is founder focused, bringing together the best ideas and a network of diverse experts and investors.

With roots in North Carolina, we understand the unique talent and will focus on keeping, attracting, and growing the ecosystem to provide access to (Re)invest in the community.  

Our Process is UNBoxing.

v. Disrupting boundaries to create focus for success.

UNBoxing allows founders to focus on their business through incubation and acceleration in venture studio format. We believe in augmenting strengths and filling gaps where needed.

The UNBoxed ecosystem consists of three core aspects: Incubation, Acceleration, and Investment.

The UNBoxed Incubator is built on this model. With a home base office and access to a network of resources, the Incubator puts a unique spin on the process of incubation. Your goals, UNBoxed.

The UNBoxed Accelerator focuses on right time resourcing to align with business objectives. Through collaborative office space and access to in-network partners and experts, founders can maintain core focus through UNBoxed acceleration.

The UNBoxed Syndicate and investor network is an UNBoxed founder's opportunity to present their vision of the future. We believe in our entrepreneurs and know it's you who will make the future happen.

Companies that join UNBoxed can recognize us as partners in their success. We put 'skin in the game' ensuring our best interests lies with the founders and entrepreneurs success. We believe in radical transparency and explicit intent in driving opportunities forward.

Founders, Apply Today.